• Honduras Brandy Barrel Fermentation Washed


Honduras is located in northern Central America, bordering the Caribbean Sea to the north, Fonseca Bay of the Pacific Ocean to the south, and borders Nicaragua and El Salvador to the east and south. The west borders with Guatemala, mostly mountains and plateaus.

There are 280,000 hectares of coffee farms in Honduras, mainly small coffee farms.

Most of its coffee plantations are less than 3.5 hectares, and these coffee plantations account for 60 percent of the entire Honduras coffee production.

Masaguara is a municipality located in the Honduras province of Intibucá located in the southern part of the Jesús de Otoro valley, surrounded by mountains and hills, it is mainly dedicated to coffee growers, the main source of the local economy. The area corresponding to the valley is dedicated to the cultivation of basic grains and livestock. The origin of his name: Masaguara means "where there are deer" according to the "indigenous place name" of Mr. Alberto Membreño



Elevation:1500 - 1700
Processing Method: Washed
Variety:Caturra, Catuai
Taste Note:Fermented Wine, Lychee, Honey, Grape, Cream
Recommended Roast:Light - Medium Light

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Honduras Brandy Barrel Fermentation Washed

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